Fronteversism at the XXV Aprile elementary school in Sesto San Giovanni

In consideration of the growing international appreciation and success, the launch of a program of training courses for elementary school children on the 25th of April in Sesto San Giovanni. This year we will start from the third and fifth grades with 140 children in the same school where Giuseppe Siniscalchi painted his first Fronteversismo works over 55 years ago.
General presentation – with reports by the author and colleague Domenico Melillo / Frode – urban artist which took place on February 20, 2023, arousing curiosity, interest and appreciation.
Launch of the Fronteversism workshops starting from 28 February and to follow in the months of March, April and May 2023 . We thank the President Bruno Rossilli, the Vice President Rosa Cotroneo for the openness and affectionate welcome as well as all the participating teachers and children.
We thank Tiziana Tucci for having brought her moving testimony of that period having been a companion in elementary school in the same school with the same dear and late teacher Aladina Banducci and having taught there over the years in which she also taught for many years the late mother of Joseph, Giovanna Goffredo.
Here are some photos and video.






Phases of workshops in classrooms