8.7.2022 Meeting organized by prof. Arianna Bitti and the Porto S. Giorgio team.

Marche Porto S. Giorgio gathered many civil authorities representing the Province Region and some Municipalities of the Marche and religious as Charles Alphonse OFM cap and extraordinary team specially arrived from the General Curia of Rome: Friar Jaime Rey (professor of theology and philosophy) deputy secretary of formation of the Capuchins, Friar Lawrence Soosainathan (Provincial of Tamil-nadu Sud) who obtained a doctorate in positive psychology at the University of Milan, Dean of the faculty of psychology at Anugraha Counseling College in India, Friar Damian Pereira Secretary General of the Capuchin friars of the Department of Statistics, Friar Joel De Jesus Secretary General of the Commission in Rome for peace and integrity of creation doctor in radiology and ultrasound at the University of Manila, Friar Lourdhu Xavier graduated from the Gregorian University of Rome, Friar Thiagarajan in charge of projects in particular with the Capuchins in the Marches. All well coordinated by the team of Prof. Arianna Bitti with Alberto Amici and Vaccino Graziella. Great harmony rhythm harmony. All in the name of art culture beauty psycho-physical well-being in our wonderful country that has been at the forefront of the world for centuries 🌍 and not just artistic. Giuseppe Siniscalchi relators carries out his report and thanks all the participants and organizers happy for having been able to love the confrontation and his painting “energies of peace” chosen by the author and publisher Fuorilinea on the cover of the book by Fra Charles Alphonse OfM Cap from title “Remember you are an optimist”. It is nice that subversion can be appreciated in many places by continuing to transmit emotions and fly free from flower to flower like a butterfly 🦋 rising towards the moon 🌕 wa (和) symbolism of peace harmony relaxation that we all need more and more in the whirlwind of the daily.
Below is the article published in “Il Resto del Carlino” 8.7.2022 and some photos and videos of the meeting.