29/12/2017: Fronteversismo at Taranto

The Fronteversismo painting Pace tra campagna e mare will be consigned on 29 December 2017 , at 8 pm, to the San Pasquale Museum of the Chuch of San Pasquale in Taranto, while for the summer of 2018 there will be a complete exhibition of Fronteversismo works (Higgs Boson in Fronteversismo, Cross and Wa at sunset, Galactic Peace, Cosmic Day, Peace between country and sea, The wheel of Peace, The Angel of Fronteversismo) at the Pinacoteca Sant’Egidio.

For donations: https://chiesasanpasquale.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/nuova-pinacoteca-e-museo-santegidio/



The artwork will be in permanent exhibition there, among masterpieces of the Neapolitan and Caravagesque School. On the occasion of the presentation, a conference titled “We build peace with beauty” will be held by Giuseppe Siniscalchi, who will also bring postcards of the work for the financing of cultural projects in Taranto.

Giuseppe Siniscalchi has also donated to the Friars a fluo Fronteversismo drawing titled “Face of Peace”:



Following are some pictures of the evening: