28/02/2019: Pizza wa in Fronteversismo and peace inspires gastronomy

The artwork Pizza wa in Fronteversismo and peace by Giuseppe Siniscalchi has inspired  the creation of a new DOC artistic pizza by the famous pizzeria Acqua e Farina by Rosario Giannattasio in Vicenza, via Vaccari 110. This new recipe will be presented to the public on the 26th March at 6pm and then inserted in the menù.

Prof. Gabriele Guglielmino welcomed the event with these words:

The last artistic novelty by Giuseppe Siniscalchi focuses on Made in Italy and on one of its world-famous symbols: pizza. After 50 years, this work is closely related to Pop art masterpieces such as Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol, creating an Italian version. A gastronomic icon merges here with another icon, that of the sun/moon Wa, a constant presence in Siniscalchi’s paintings. At first the observer is disoriented by these two circularities, but later the eye is caught by the tasty cromatic contrasts. This work well represents the international call of Fronteversismo. The humble but wise man seated on the back of the painting is another perfect reference to the humbleness of pizza as a “poor” dish.

Following is a video of the artwordk making-of and the invitation to the presentation: