19/11/2018: Great wall painting at St. Egidio Museum Taranto

A worderful partnership between Giuseppe Siniscalchi and Domenico Melillo aka“Frode”. In only 3 days, the two lawyers-artists in perfect synchrony have completed a 6.80 x 4.70 mt wall painting at the St. Pasquale Convent where the new Museum St. Egidio in Tarant will be hosted. The painting is titled Lights and shadows in Creation (technical sheet).

We would like to thank the monks Antonio Salinaro and Francesco Zecca for the hospitality and support.

Giuseppe Siniscalchi has completed the painting of the whole vault (4.20 x 2.60 mt). The stars and the moon are painted with a special paint to shine at night.

Official vernissage: 20 December 2018, 7,30 pm.

Following are some pictures and videos.
At this link you can find the TV news regarding the artwork: https://www.rainews.it/tgr/puglia/video/2018/11/pug-artisti-taranto-pinacoteca-sant-egidio-eb949c18-c77f-45ce-8505-20ab709157fe.html