10/08/2020: The work sun and peace from 10 August 2020 on permanent display at the General Curia of the Capuchin Friars in Rome

We thank the Capuchins Friars Generalate in Rome for having welcomed the work Fronteversismo Sole e pace from 10 August 2020 to the permanent exhibition in Rome – subject to the resolution of the General Council and declaration by the legal representative Fra Alfredo Rava – transferred from 10 August 2020 by the author prior consensual withdrawal from the Museum. Pomarici of Gravina in Puglia and on free loan for indefinite use. Below is the moment of the delivery of the work in the hands of the guardian of the convent, Fra Paul Martin Torres Zegarra and Fra Charles Alphonse General Secretary of Formation for the Capuchin Friars.


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from left in Picture : Brother Paul Martin Torres Zegarra Guardian of the Convent in Rome to Generalate Capouchins Friars , Giuseppe Siniscalchi and Brother Charles Alphonse Général Secretary for formation OFM cap.


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Review by Prof. Gabriele Guglielmino

With great joy I learn, both through social networks and directly from the artist and lawyer Giuseppe Siniscalchi, the transfer of his work “Sun and Peace” (2013) from the Pomarici Museum in Gravina in Puglia to the General Curia of the Capuchin Friars in Rome (Curia Generalis Fratrum Minorum Cappuccinorum).
Another prestigious venue where to place the production of an artist who is increasingly in tune with religious institutions, as emerges from the initiatives already carried out and which reflect, like the latter, a spontaneous affinity to those Catholic – Franciscan spiritual values ​​of which the front-facing painting really seems to be a visual reflection.
What a spiritual power the work “Sun and Peace”, in which the “Sun – Wa”, so called because it alludes to peace and solidarity in Japanese culture, intensely illuminates a field whose furrows define crosses. The work of the little man in the center of the canvas and his humble instrument on the right, a small cart pulled by a simple donkey devoted to the toil of the fields, seem in turn useless tools of a God supervisor of the Whole and whose reflections of light touch the earth making it fertile.
How much grace! The spirit of beatitude of the Gospel message flows onto the canvas and becomes visible, within everyone’s reach; a sort of figurative verb because, especially in the case of the work “Sun and peace”, the meaning is univocal: the Grace of Light expands across the fields, all nature is celebrating and will give good fruit and even a nice camouflaged fox expresses his joy.
The fortune of this work, rich in “causal triads” as the author says, continues and after being chosen as the cover of the book “Pensieri di vita” by Father Luciano Mazzocchi with a preface by Susanna Tamaro (Ed. Paoline), is today again chosen to be placed on an open-ended free loan for use at this new location.
A heartfelt thanks to the Curia Generalis Fratrum Minorum Cappuccinorum of Rome, in the hope that the partnership between art and religion promoted by Giuseppe Siniscalchi and the Fronteversismo he founded, can intensify as centuries of art history attest.
Gabriele Guglielmino
(Professor and Art Historian)


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