06/06/2019: Art proposal for Coca Cola and other brands

In the histoirical Superstudio in Milano, via Tortona, Stratego Group has presented the project by Mr. Clementi and the Brand Revolution Lab team to promote new ideas for Coca Cola and other importanti brands. Giuseppe Siniscalchi was among the artists chosen for the occasion, with his picture Mar ionio in Fronteversismo and peace. Great success at the opening with over 400 visitors.
The Colart project is online in the Brand Revolution Lab catalogue http://bit.ly/Brandrevolutionlab2019
and the Fronteversismo cans can be seen at page 22 23 and 24 here  http://www.paperator.com/mplayer/?id=4itgroup/BRLAB_catalogo_dgt.pdf&gtp=1&sectok=
Following are some pictures and videos of the event.