04/07/2020: New detailed YouTube video in Japanese.

The first Japanese video with captions in English has been published on YouTube as an effective 9-minute synthesis of Fronteversismo with some examples of technical realization and places of permanent […]

12/11/2019: Art & wine in Taranto

Beaufitul event in Taranto: “Art and wine” organized by ConTatto, Banca di Taranto – BCC and Pinacoteca Museo S. Egidio with exhibition of works from the Fronteversismo collection. Following are some more […]

07/10/2019: First Fronteversismo acoustic panel

At the “Milano Hi- Fidelity 2019″ event, the first Fronteversismo acoustic panel was presented by leader company Oudimmo Acoustic design: . A perfect match between high tech quality and art […]

05/07/2019: Commission Law Art and Literature

Giuseppe Siniscalchi is confirmed as member of the Commission Law Art and Literature in Milan. Nadia Germana’ Tascona leads the board with colleagues lawyers Giuseppe Iannaccone, Cristina Arianna, Giuseppe Calabi, Cristina Manasse, […]

06/06/2019: Art proposal for Coca Cola and other brands

In the histoirical Superstudio in Milano, via Tortona, Stratego Group has presented the project by Mr. Clementi and the Brand Revolution Lab team to promote new ideas for Coca Cola and other importanti brands. […]

05/06/2019: Event in memory of Massimo Riva

At Libreria Rizzoli in Milan, special encounter between Giuseppe Siniscalchi and Clara Moroni, defined the Ferrari of rock and a childhood friend of Siniscalchi . The evening was on the occasion of Claudia Riva’s […]

14/05/2019: Kittens, ecology and peace auctioned by Sotheby’s

The original work Kittens, ecology and peace created by Giuseppe Sinisclachi on ecologic paper with fluo effect in the dark was beaten by Sotheby’s in a charity auction on May 14, 2019. The […]

06/04/2019: Concert at S. Egidio Museum

Wonderful event on April 6, 2019 at Museum S. Egidio in Taranto: words, music, songs, art and culture. Fronteversismo paintings were involved in the event. Following is a billboard of the evening […]

26/03/2019: Pizza Wa 和 inauguration

A great inauguration for the Pizza Wa 和, created in World Premiere in Vicenza by chef Rosario Giannattasio of the Acqua e farina restaurant, inspired by Giuseppe Siniscalchi’s painting. At the […]

07/03/2019: Fronteversismo courses at school

The free Fronteversismo 2019 course in Milan has begun today at the Umberto Eco school in piazza Sicilia. The course will continue for the whole March and April and is very […]

15/02/2019: Graduate Thesis on Fronteversismo

Congratulations to Elisa Zanellati graduated in Educational Sciences at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan with full grades and a graduate thesis with a chapter dedicated to Fronteversismo,  Giuseppe Siniscalchi has […]

29/12/2018: Siniscalchi at Gravina’s Cathedral

The beautiful Cathedral of Gravina in Apulia was full of people with emotional involvement on December 29, 2108 for the Christmas concert of Maestro Lamuraglia & Team and for the important speeches by […]

26/10/2018: Art Literature and Violated Rights

LAW LITERATURE AND ART Friday 26 October the first convention of the LDA Commission titled “Art Literature and Violated Rights” took place in Milan Tribunal’s Aula Magna. Giuseppe Siniscalchi, as […]

21/09/2018: Fronteversismo at Street Food Show

A slideshow of Fronteversismo works was exhibited during the Street Food Show in Gravia di Puglia on September 21, 22 and 23. A great success with over 10.000 visitors, according […]

30/08/2018: Event at Riva dei Tessali

A nice event for children was organized in Riva dei Tessali (Taranto) by the “Amaltea eventi” organization. The introduction was curated by Giuseppe Siniscalchi and the evening presented by Elena Altamura, with a […]

20/08/2018: Artisanry in Gravina

Giuseppe Siniscalchi has visited the Artisans of Gravina in Apulia to show the relationship between his Fronteversismo work and their activities. Following are some pictures with the Loglisci Family (producing traditional […]

17/08/2018: Poetry ispired by Fronteversismo

Nicola Colonna, poet from Gravina in Apulia, opened a new poetic gallery visited by Giuseppe Siniscalchi, whose Fronteversismo (and particularly the painting “Woman’s Wisdom” exhibited at the Pomarici Santomasi Museum) […]

30/07/18: Event at Murgia Hospital

We would like to thank M.I.cro Italia odv (no profit association) and its President Vincenzo Florio for the invitation at the Murgia Hospital “F. Perinei” to grant the painting “Spring in Murgia […]

30/06/2018: New cover on Eventi Culturali magazine

The “Eventi Culturali” magazine has dedicated another cover to Fronteversismo. We would like to thank the editor in chief Emanuela Pacelli for the new article written by Sara Pochesci dedicated to the paintings and […]

26/06/2018: Article on Fronteversismo from London

We would like to thank the journalist Paula Tooths and the whole team of Jornal A Hora in London for the wonderful articles on Giuseppe Siniscalchi and Fronteversismo just published at the […]

25/06/2018: Article on Murgiatime

Ringraziamo il direttore responsabile Vincenzo Varvara e il team del Magazine Murgiatime per il recente articolo con cenno ai nuovi progetti in Gravina in Puglia:

09/06/2018: Workshop at Fine Arts Academy Milan

On the 9th June 2018, Giuseppe Siniscalchi held a workshop at the Fine Arts Academy of Milan (ACME). Following are some pictures of the beautiful participation to the event, thanks […]

16/05/2018: Crowdfunding Sant’Egidio Museum

Donations for the new Sant’Egidio Museum in Taranto, that will merge XVII century masterpieces with Giuseppe Siniscalchi’s contemporary works, are open: 

11/05/2018: Maria Longo’s Witness

We are happy to publish the witness of Maria Longo, senior student at Università Vita- Salute San Raffaele as well as dancer and art passionate. The witness can be read […]

03/05/2018: Commission on Law, Literature and Art

We would like to thank Remo Danovi, president of the Lawyer’s Association of Milan, for instituting the Commission on Law, Literature and Art of which Giuseppe Siniscalchi is part together with […]

26/03/2018: Fronteversismo and photography

The international photographer Paolo Bongianino, supporter of the Fronteversismo movement, will be exhibiting at Speranzaxmilano with some of his works: Luci e colori della natura Vernissage on 16 April 2018 […]

30/12/2017: Siniscalchi at Paoline in Taranto

In thanksgiving for the precious collaboration on the event “Building Peace with beauty” , Giuseppe Siniscalchi has donated to the Paoline Library in Taranto the drawing Peace on the sea:

29/12/2017: Fronteversismo at Taranto

The Fronteversismo painting Pace tra campagna e mare will be consigned on 29 December 2017 , at 8 pm, to the San Pasquale Museum of the Chuch of San Pasquale in Taranto, […]

28/12/2017: Universal Peace at Pomarici Museum

On the occasion of the centenary anniversary of the death of Baron Ettore Pomarici Santomasi, Giuseppe Siniscalchi will consign on 28 December 2017, its work Universal Peace, that will be added to […]

15/11/2017: Fronteversismo inspires fashion design

The Fronteversismo art has inspired the fashion designer Viktoria Beluhova to draw these back and front croquis. In particular, the inspiring artwork by Giuseppe Siniscalchi was “Women’s Wisdom”, that is now in permanent exhibition […]

15/06/2017: Article on Arte&Società

On the occasion of the international convention on “Fronteversismo, arte e welfare” in Gravina di Puglia (Bari), Professor and Art Historian Gabriele Guglielmino wrote an article on Giuseppe Siniscalchi for the Arte&Società […]

06/03/17: online Virtual Tour of the Pomarici Santomasi Museum

The Pomarici Santomasi Foundation has an online Virtual Tour in the Museum’s website with all its masterpieces: Also Giuseppe Siniscalchi’s works exhibited there are visible in this Tour, as in the […]

27/10/2016: Sinisalchi for Aquaplus

Giuseppe Siniscalchi was a main guest at Milan’s Rotary fundraising event for Aquaplus Haiti. The leader of Fronteversismo contributed with an autograph print of his “Peace on Cornfield”, that was […]

21/09/2016: Fronteversism wall painting in Madagascar

On the wall of one of the “solidal tourism” bungalows of Nosy Be, in Madagascar, the population created a painting inspired by Siniscalchi’s Fronteversismo. The Tsaiky Tsara “AFOTSAMA” association, in partnership […]

31/07/2016: President Sergio Mattarella’s acknowledgement

We would like to thank the Italian President Sergio Mattarella for his acknowledgement of Fronteversismo: “The President of the Republic received with delight the interessant publications on your new artistic movement and wishes […]

18/07/2016: Fronteversismo at Kuonji Amakusa Temple

Siniscalchi’s work Amakusa in Frontevesismo, dedicated to Bonzo Touyo Ryunkyo is know kept at the Kuonji Amakusa Temple, famous for the Japanese National hero Amakusa Shiro and for the events of Shimabarao. The Fronteversismo […]

27/12/2015: Giuseppe Siniscalchi on Rai 1

On the occasion of the participation to the TV program “Nella Memoria di Giovanni Paolo II” aired on Rai 1, Giuseppe Siniscalchi gave his painting Cosmos of Peace to Annalisa Minetti. This very […]

30/11/2015: Article on L’Eclectique

The french magazine L’Eclectique has dedicated an article to Giuseppe Siniscalchi:   For the first aniversary of the magazine, Sinisclachi has given as a special gift his painting Fronteversismo en […]

18/11/2015: Intervista su VOX

Giuseppe Siniscalchi was interviewed at Galleria Rossana Orlandi by the VOX magazine, linked to the Università Cattolica di Milano. Here follows the link to read the full article:  

08/09/2015: Siniscalchi meets Hectordavid Villanueva

Giuseppe Siniscalchi had the pleasure to meet Hectordavid Villanueva, C.E.O. and founder of Expo dei popoli, delle culture e solidarietà. With him, the dialogue immediately focused on the strive for peace in […]

17/08/2015: Siniscalchi at Gravina in Apulia

Giuseppe Siniscalchi returns to his native town, Gravina in Apulia, to donate the Fronteversismo drawing Sun and Moon Wa to the Fondazione Museo E. Pomarici Santomasi. The Counselor Stefano Valente and […]

23/07/2015: Siniscalchi at Mexico Pavillon in Expo

Giuseppe Siniscalchi and Professor Onelio Onofrio Francioso have been guest of the Mexico Pavillon at Expo 2015. The leader of Fronteversismo brought a print and an original painting to be exhibited in the […]

12/07/2015: Siniscalchi at Kikkoman Event

At the Kikkoman event, on the 12th July 2015 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, Siniscalchi took part in the world campaign for the promotion of japanese cuisine. Among the guests, […]

01/04/2015: Published the article on Eventi Culturali

The first 2015 number of Eventi Culturali Magazine has been published. Inside it, the beautiful article by chief editor Manuela Pacelli talks about Giuseppe Siniscalchi and his art. Also the back cover […]

17/03/2015: Pictures of the Event at Azucena

Works by Giuseppe Siniscalchi are exhibited untile the 21st of march at showroom Azucena in via Manzoni 23, Milan. Pictures of the vernissage, with many important guests and a crowd of […]

23/12/14: The Fronteversismo book has been published

23/12/14: The Fronteversismo book, full of con images, critical reviews and Siniscalchi’s autobiography, has been published by IncisioneArte. The whole book is available in pdf format at the following link: LINK […]

11/12/14: Event at Breri, via Pontaccio 5 Milan

11/12/14: The 18th of december 2014, from 6:30 to 10 pm, Siniscalchi’s Fronteversismo and Puglia’s traditional cuisine will meet at Breri in via Pontaccio 5, Milan, in the hearth of […]

26/10/14: Fronteversismo Manifesto

The 26th October 2014, at Giuliano Grittini’s Atelier Incisione Arte, Giuseppe Siniscalchi presented the new artistic movement called “Fronteversismo”. Some pictures of the event, with performances from Anna Serova and […]

15/07/14: Giuseppe Siniscalchi at Yukyu No Sato

15/07/14: Giuseppe Siniscalchi visited the old age rest home Yukyu No Sato in Japan, donating one of his paintings. Pictures and reports in japanese can be seen at the following link: […]

09/07/14: Giuseppe Siniscalchi at Toyohara school

The 9th July 2014, Giuseppe Siniscalghi held a course at the Toyohara school, in the Niigata prefecture in Japan. The lecture was centered around his concept of “backandfrontism” and was […]