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30/01/2024 Thank for all the benefactors that help us to transform the dream in true for thé Fronteversismo Museum and school in India to Anugraha College

11/09/2023 Inauguration at Museum of geology and paleontology “ Racconti in Pietra” of Matera

04/06/2023 Art and philosophy of peace Fronteversismo®️

20/02/2023 Fronteversism at the XXV Aprile elementary school in Sesto San Giovanni

08/07/2022 Meeting organized by prof. Arianna Bitti and the Porto S. Giorgio team

01/03/2022: Mona Lisa in Fronteversismo and peace and peace beyond the milky way are added to the permanent collection of the Pomarici Santomasi Museum in Gravina in Puglia

20/02/2022: Fronteversismo at the Museum of Pantheology and Geology of Matera

15/12/2021: Frontevesismo on permanent display at the National Archaeological Museum of Potenza

08/12/2021: Fronteversismo at the National Museum of Matera

16/10/2021: Milan HI – Fidelity 2021

04/10/2021: International friendship meeting between Italy and Japan: photos and videos

03/10/2021: International friendship meeting between Italy and Japan

27/08/2021: Rotary Club Matera rewards Giuseppe Siniscalchi and the event creates press interest

28/07/2021: When i touch the Stars

20/06/2021: Fronteversismo slideshow 2021 presented during webinar in India

31/05/2021: Isabella Morra and Fronteversismo

31/05/2021: Fronteversismo at the Valsinni Castle

30/04/2021: Confronting the Rotary Club Matera in interclub connections

21/03/2021: Volare

21/09/2020: Pizza wa 和(peace / harmony ) in Milan near Unesco area Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci

10/08/2020 The work sun and peace from 10 August 2020 on permanent display at the General Curia of the Capuchin Friars in Rome

23/07/2020 Presentation of Fronteversismo in Manfredonia

01/05/2020 Fronteversismo i love to paint 2020

27/09/2019 Permanent exhibition at Mudima

01/07/2019 Italy-Japan Concert for Friendship

06/06/2019 Great success for the Colart project

26/03/2019 “Pizza wa” presentation in Vicenza

20/12/2018 Collection at S. Egidio Museum Taranto

19/11/2018 Great wall painting in Taranto

26/06/2018 1° convention Law, Literature, Art

25/02/2018 Book inspired by Fronteversismo

29/12/2017 Permanent exhibition in Taranto

28/12/2017 Permanent exhibition in Pomarici Museum

17/10/2017 Wa 和 in permanent exhibition in Tokyo

6-9/07/2017 Meeting “Fronteversismo Arte e Welfare”

22/05/2017 Siniscalchi’s speech at Paoline Library

20/05/2017 Crossroads in art at Elfo Puccini Theatre

06/02/2017 Boreal Peace at the Accountant’s Order

12/11/2016 Siniscalchi at Museum Pomarici Santomasi

04/11/2016 Welfare and Rights convention

03/11/2016 Fronteversismo Workshops in Schools

21/10/2016 H.H. the Dalai Lama and Sinicalchi

18 /08/2016 Fronteversismo works in Asia

19/11/2015 Fronteversismo at the Mexican Parliament

30/09/2015 Great Fronteversismo event in Milan

24/05/2015 Lunar Peace in Milan’s Tribunal